Radio: Your Safe Branding Solution in the Era of Social Justice & COVID-19

In the era of social justice and COVID-19, Facebook suddenly finds itself under serious pressure from big brands wanting more credibility and social sensitivity from their advertising platforms. Ford Motor Company, Starbucks and Coco-Cola are part of a growing list of major companies pulling their ad dollars to protest Facebook’s hands-off policy towards posted misinformation and hate. This is a big deal.

And it’s not just the big guys –150 smaller brands and agencies have joined the boycott. This is important to note when the bulk of the $17B in ad revenue Facebook generated in Q1 2020 comes from those smaller clients.

It would seem that an open-handed approach to “news” and free speech is out of place in the post-protest, pandemic world. Which is one of the major reasons broadcast radio survives

Here are some others.

The Social Shelter

Unlike social media and the internet as a whole, radio stations operate under strict FCC guidelines. They must air responsible, entertaining programming, free from political and social misinformation. And they do. If you want your brand to be accepted by consumers, radio provides a “social shelter” that protects it from negative reactions, product boycotts and nasty, pop-up social media campaigns.

Free & Personal

Listeners like radio because it reminds us of our personal stories, played out in the music we sing along to, the chatter of our favorite morning show talent and freedom to listen to just about anything we want, any time we want. Oh, and it’s free. No monthly fees or long-term contracts. Just turn it on. If you’re not living on a desert island, radio slides into your life quickly.

The Social Fabric

Radio also invites us to enter contests, share stories and, sometimes, be a part of the show. If you’ve lived through hurricane season in the Lowcountry, you’ve relied on radio to alert you of weather conditions, provide vital local news and keep your loved ones safe. It’s part of the social fabric of any community, providing high school football scores, farm futures, celebrity interviews and podcasts that inform and entertain.

Your Message Woven In

Radio is alive and real-time. You can’t fast-forward the content and you can’t skip the ads. Why would you? The programming blends so well with client messages, sponsor mentions, station slogans, news, traffic, weather and sports. It’s all carefully curated. Radio’s not in the business of misinformation, racial injustice or social negatives because it depends on attracting listeners, not repelling them.

Your Brand in Good Hands

Let’s face it, social, branding and product acceptance by the consumer is fragile and ever-changing. Whatever your business or service, radio will drive hits to your site and new customers in the door. It builds a loyal consumer base with live, local branding, market share and revenue. Your brand, product or service is safer in this compelling and curated environment.

So, if you want to protect your good name, play it safe. Let us introduce you to the most ubiquitous, 24/7 companion your customers will ever know: broadcast radio.

We are the Charleston Radio and Media Group. We build our client’s market share and revenue. Ask us how we can help you grow – safely.