Digital Advertising

Radio and digital advertising go together like shrimp and grits – the results are unbeatable.

Why? Radio casts a wide net, putting you top-of-mind with listeners across the Lowcountry while they’re riding in their cars, exercising or standing in line at a store. Digital advertising pinpoints your likeliest consumers at the exact right time with the right message on their mobile devices.

So, whether your audience is a loyal morning show listener or just scrolling on their phone, we can put your message front and center. It’s as simple as that.

Let us find the media mix that’s right for you. Give us a shout.

Digital Advertising Helps You Find the Right Customers Faster
The best marketing strategies use multiple channels. That’s why Charleston Radio Group does more than just sell radio. We offer a full range of media solutions that we tailor to your company’s unique needs. Hand-in-hand with on-air exposure, digital advertising reaches your next customers at the right place in the sales funnel – point of purchase, while they’re researching or while they’re on-site.

Here’s a snapshot of our digital offerings. Wondering which products are right for you? We’re happy to help.



TARGETED DISPLAY (AKA: AUDIENCE EXTENSION) identifies users doing online research for a product or services and shows them relevant ads as they surf the web. Display and Video advertising reaches your best potential customers on the web when they are viewing relevant content on high-quality websites. BENEFITS (See individual method benefits under “Ways to Execute” below)




DIGITAL VIDEO is video shown in web browsers on mobile or desktop or within mobile phone apps.


BENEFITS: (See individual method benefits under “Ways to Execute” below)



SEM AND PPC stands for Search Engine Marketing and Pay-Per-Click. PPC allows you to bid on keywords related to your business that consumers use to search for your business or industry.


BENEFITS: Puts your business where your customers can actually see it: at the top of their search results.






PREMIUM OTT VIA CONNECTED TV (CTV) targets consumers while they stream shows on their home TVs.  Supports interactive video ads that increase engagement and brand recall.




• Full-screen
• Advanced targeting, dynamic ads, survey and audience analysis and IAB measurement
• Reaches cord-cutters
• CTV video ads have no player to minimize
• Allows 3rd party ads and measurement
• Full-length ads (:15s and :30s)





EMAIL MARKETING allows you to hyper-target your audience where they are engaged most and drive these customers to your website using a layered approach.




Combines with digital marketing to optimize your campaign with:
• Sophisticated mailing
• Self-service with fast turnaround.
• Real-time counts
• Same day deployments
• Real-time tracking
• Transparent reporting
• (NOT affinity email campaigns using services like Constant Contact.)


Ways to Execute Targeted Display & Digital – Choose a Method:






LOCATION-BASED ADVERTISING serves ads only to consumers within a specified radius around a given location. BENEFITS
• Eliminates waste with day-part delivery.
• Engages mobile users when near points of interest.
GEORETARGETING keeps serving ads to consumers even after they’ve left your geofence. BENEFITS
• Serves ads with high frequency on already qualified consumers.
GEOCOOKIES target mobile users via past location data. Creates profiles based on custom “look back” windows and location data to find the target consumer. BENEFITS
Allows you to serve ads to competitors’ visitors and re-engage past ones. 






GEOVIDEO engages consumers using mobile video when they are near businesses or other specified target areas.



• Reach highly engaged viewers
• Expand reach by complementing TV and desktop video with mobile
• Command up to 100% of screen real estate
• Drive up to a 3x lift in viewer engagement compared to other ad formats
• Deliver full-screen mobile video ads
• Tap into a $4B advertising opportunity
PRE-ROLL shows ads before, during or after video content on sites like ESPN, CNN, etc. (:15 seconds and :30 seconds long)


• Most recognized way to serve ads.