Lowcountry Forever: Lowcountry Youth Services – June 30, 2024

SEGMENT #1: Lowcountry Youth Services
GUEST:  ReZsaun Lewis, Executive Director
ISSUE: Children & Youth Services
Originally Connection and You and then the Distinguished Gentleman’s Club, now Lowcountry Youth Services, the 501c3 nonprofit served 1,200 children between 2016 and 2023. The organization’s vision is “Every Child Wins” and the nonprofit’s mission is to provide Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester County youth the tools they need to succeed in every area of their lives. Executive Direct ReZsaun Lewis and Associate Executive Director McKendrick Dunn shared the tools Lowcountry Youth Service provides to the boys and girls that are part of one of their five programs. They serve children both inside and outside of school and have community service as one of the elements that youth in the program are part of. Both gentlemen provided specifics in the ways Lowcountry Youth Services assist those in the program and shared their thoughts on the importance of the nonprofit in our community. They discussed the needs that the organization has, both financially and from a volunteer standpoint as mentoring is a huge part of what they do. Lewis and Dunn also shared their passion for Lowcountry Youth Services and discussed what they personally get from being involved and the joy that volunteers and families receive when they give of their time.