Media Products


A cohesive online marketing strategy can drive qualified visitors to your site and convert those visitors into leads and sales. When coordinated with a radio campaign, digital marketing works hand-in-hand to introduce your brand to first-time customers, hold your share of the market with existing ones and drive customers down the sales funnel to point of purchase. Here are the digital products we offer.

Standard Commercials Fixed Position Sponsorships Weekend Advertising Signature Events Station
Station Website Sponsorships Station Streaming Sponsor
Commercial length to tell your brand story include :15s, :30s, and :60 seconds. On-air sponsorships allow you to “own” a daypart on your favorite CRG station! Maximize your brand budget with long-term branding on the weekends of your favorite CRG station. A weekend campaign is a low-cost way to start branding your business. CRG is “Live and Local” and on the frontlines of community events! Tie into the DNA of your station with Signature Events! Bypassing cable and broadcasting, connect to your targeted streaming audience via their mobile device, smart speaker, or computer. The most loyal station listeners also engage with the station’s website. Make your brand easily findable there. Premium integration for your brand through an on-air and online program designed to get listeners to listen to the station on their favorite smart speaker.