Landmark for Families & TriCounty Speaks – May 12, 2024

Segment #1: Landmark for Families
GUEST: Megan Davis, Assoc. Vice President for Development
ISSUE: Youth & Family Services
One of the oldest non-profits in the nation is here in the Lowcountry, serving our community since the 1790s. Recently, the Carolina Youth Development Center changed its name to Landmark for Families. Megan Davis, their Associate Vice-President for Development explained the reason behind the name changed. She discussed how they are continuing their original mission and new ways they are helping children, and families. Davis also provided details on their upcoming fundraising event, the Give Me Shelter Color 5K, shared information on how people could enter, or volunteer, and explained how the money raised would help the organization.


Segment #2: TriCounty Speaks
GUEST: Deborah Freel, Executive Director
ISSUE: Sexual Assault
The statistics are staggering, and while many people feel it’s a New York/Chicago/Los Angeles “big city” problem, sexual assault is an issue in all areas of our nation, including the Lowcountry. Deborah Freel is the next executive director of Tri-County Speaks, formerly known as People Against Rape. Freel provided which each letter stands for in their acronym and explained the organizations approach to dealing with and assisting victims of sexual assault. She gave tips for individual who are dealing with sexual assault and provided suggestions for an individual who believes someone they know are being sexually assault. She spoke of her plan for the organization moving forward, and how the community can assist.