Lutheran Services Carolinas & Eminent Professional – May 19, 2024

SEGMENT #1: Lutheran Services Carolinas
GUEST: Robbie Dent, Foster Family Recruiter
ISSUE: Youth & Family Services
There are currently more than 4,000 children in South Carolina waiting to be placed with a foster family. Robbie Dent, the Foster Family Recruiter for the state of South Carolina, with Lutheran Services Carolinas discussed the challenges this is causing. Dent explained how children end up in foster care, and the importance of having families who are willing and able to assist these boys and girls. Along with providing information on who is eligible to become a foster family, and sharing the steps someone can take to explore becoming a foster, he also made an appeal for community groups to allow him to speak to their members in an effort to recruit new foster families.


SEGMENT #2: Eminent Professional
GUEST: Lee Landisburg, Director of Marketing
ISSUE: Economic Development
Technology is also moving forward, and there’s a new sound technology being developed in part, in the Lowcountry. Lee Landsiburg, the Marketing Director with Eminent Professional introduced us to the new ET Pro Speakers. Over the past few decades, we’ve seen the quality of sound increase while the size of speakers decrease. Landisburg’s company has two patents that are potentially reducing the size of speakers even more, while improving the sound quality and clarity. He discussed the technology that could impact the concert and live music industry, as well as sharing its more practical uses on smart phones and speakers, and computers.